Privacy Policy

Last update: September 18, 2023

Hey there! You've landed on the most boring part of the site. Let's keep it simple.

1. The Basics of Data Collection

I might ask for your name or email if you're reaching out. That's about it.

2. The Non-Personal Stuff

Tools like Google Analytics help me see which parts of my site are doing well.

3. Cookies and Those Web Thingies

To help the site run smoothly and to let me see general user trends.

4. How I Use Your Info

Basically to respond to messages. No spammy marketing stuff, promise.

5. Keeping Your Info Safe

No personal information is stored in this site at all, so yeah.

6. Third-Party Tools

I use for scheduling. They have their own privacy thing.

7. Sharing (or not)

I don't share or sell your data. Period.

8. Your Rights

You can ask to see, change, or delete your info anytime.

9. Opting Out

If you've signed up for a newsletter and change your mind, just let me know.

10. Policy Updates

If I tweak this policy, I'll update the date at the top.

11. Questions?

If anything here makes you scratch your head, drop me a line.