Freelance Product Designer & Coder

More than 10 years of experience building digital products, with a strong focus on ux/ui design and a deep understanding of development.



Art direction

From concept development to branding, I love shaping early-stage project ideas into consistent identities to create a strong base for the rest of design work.


Product design

Following a systematic and modular approach to interface design, I turn product ideas into wireframes and high-fidelity mockups - ready for coding.


Software development

Because UI design doesn't finish in the drawing board, I like being part of the development pipeline - the missing link between design & development.


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Red Bull Racing
Under development

Red Bull Racing

Web design



Mobile apps

Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero

Mobile apps

Freelance platform



Internal tools



Mobility tools

“[…] he is not the guy to "just" make things look awesome, but also to make sense and feel amazing. Developers also love him for his processes - I have not seen any cleaner, faster and more organized asset delivery than his. Truly the best designer I have worked with thus far!”

Ken Knoll
Interim CPO | Ex-BCG DV

I specialize in creating distinctive brand identities that truly resonate with your audience. From crafting memorable logos to establishing cohesive brand guidelines, I focus on making your brand consistently recognized everywhere.

Bringing ideas to life with visually appealing designs is what I love doing. Whether it's for print or digital, I aim to create graphics that not only look great but also communicate effectively with your audience.

I'm passionate about designing digital products that prioritize user experience. From initial concepts to final interfaces, my goal is to ensure smooth and intuitive interactions on both web and mobile platforms.

I develop custom tools and plugins to boost productivity and streamline workflows. My approach is to create tailored solutions that meet specific needs, enhancing both efficiency and effectiveness.

Coding is another area of my expertise, focusing on creating responsive and user-friendly applications across various platforms, including web, iOS, and macOS.

I believe in the power of refinement and testing in design. My approach involves thorough evaluation and quality assurance to ensure that every design element contributes to an optimal user experience.

Hello! I'm Sergi, a product designer from Barcelona with a passion for coding. Throughout the last decade I've traveled across the globe collaborating with companies of all industries and markets. My years in Berlin further enriched this experience, allowing me to work with organizations of all sizes, from early-stage startups to well known industry leaders...

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