Design Titles: The Good, The Bad, and The Utterly Ridiculous

Alright, let’s cut the fluff. The design world’s got more titles than a retro video store. Here’s a few job titles that you might be familiar with and some others that I completely made up. Because job labels are a bit weird sometimes :)

  • Senior Designer: Age is just a number, and that number is… 23 💫

  • Art Director: “I’m not quite feeling that color” 💅

  • UX Designer: Saving users, one story at a time. ✨

  • UI Designer: Making screens sexy since… whenever. 💅

  • Product Designer: Jack of all trades, master of… well, a lot. 🙈

BUUUT it quickly spirals into the abyss of creativity.

  • Design Evangelist: Spreading the gospel of good design. 🙏

  • Color Alchemist: Sees more colors than screens actually render. 🌈

  • Fullstack potato: Mashing code, I guess? 🥔

Personal experience

At Marley Spoon and Cookies, I started in the early stages as the lead designer, handling everything from branding to UI. At Zalando or Delivery Hero I was part of a proper design team, focusing my product design skills on mobile apps. And whether it was Bayer or Siemens, these big corporations needed a freelance ninja for their digital endeavors. So yeah, I’ve worn many job labels depending on the project/client/setup, but they’ve always revolved around the broader realm of digital product design.

Here’s the Deal

Job titles are just window dressing. What matters is the hustle, the grit, and the good work you put out there. So please, wear any title you fancy ;)

Hello! I'm Sergi, a product designer from Barcelona with a passion for coding. Throughout the last decade I've traveled across the globe collaborating with companies of all industries and markets. My years in Berlin further enriched this experience, allowing me to work with organizations of all sizes, from early-stage startups to well known industry leaders...

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