Delivery Hero
Berlin, Germany
UX/UI, Wireframing, Design Systems, Prototyping, iOS, Android, Web design
Delivery Hero SE, headquartered in Berlin, is a titan in the online food ordering and delivery landscape. Their reach is vast, operating in over 40 countries, connecting a myriad of restaurants to millions of eager customers.

Delivery Hero

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Intro: When you’re dealing with a behemoth like Delivery Hero, with its myriad of brands, products, and global presence, the challenges are as diverse as they are exciting. During my project engagement with Delivery Hero, I had the opportunity to work on some design-related aspects of the Foodpanda app as well as some customer management tools for the Yemeksepeti and Foodora apps.

Project Summary: The task of designing and adapting systems that cater to a multitude of brands, languages, and user preferences spread across different countries had mostly been done when I arrived – the challenge was to get familiar with that as an external contractor. On the mobile front, I contributed to enhancing features that catered to this diverse user base. The web saw me exploring and innovating, ensuring a seamless experience for users. And then there was the devops portal, a crucial tool for both customers and management, where I lent my expertise.

Challenges: The primary challenge? Designing for universality. With so many brands under the Delivery Hero umbrella, each with its unique identity and user base, creating a one-size-fits-all solution was both challenging and exhilarating.

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