Berlin, Germany
Corporate identity, branding, product design, web design
About is a cutting-edge freelance management platform designed to streamline and elevate your freelance career. I had the pleasure to help kickstart the product and contribute with lots of design related topics :)

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Intro: When the minds behind Codecontrol envisioned, I was brought on board to help breathe life into this concept. From the initial idea to a fully realized platform, it was a journey of creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

Project Summary: My role with began with understanding the project’s core vision and translating it into a tangible brand identity. From there, it was a deep dive into wireframing, crafting intuitive UI elements, and finally, bringing it all together with detailed mockups. Every step was about ensuring that not only looked good but also offered a seamless user experience.

Challenges: The challenge was twofold: creating a brand identity that resonated with the platform’s vision and ensuring that the design was both intuitive and efficient for users.

Problems Solved: By the end of our collaboration, had a clear brand identity, a user-friendly interface, and mockups that set the stage for development. It was a blueprint ready for execution.

Experience: Working on was a lesson in holistic project development. From branding to design to mockups, it reinforced the importance of a cohesive approach and the value of collaboration in bringing a concept to life.

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