Berlin, Germany
Mobile app design, Sketch, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
Zalando is Europe's leading online fashion platform, headquartered in Berlin, Germany. With a presence in multiple countries, they offer a vast array of fashion products to millions of customers, making them the biggest fashion platform Europe.


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Intro: Zalando, with its expansive reach in the online fashion world, had a vision for its mobile apps. They wanted a fresh, unified look and a design language that resonated across platforms. That’s where our collaboration began.

Project Summary: I joined the Zalando mobile app team in 2016, and the mission was clear: revamp the apps, ensuring they not only looked modern but also felt consistent across iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Beyond the aesthetic overhaul, the project also involved creating a set of Sketch templates and libraries. These tools were designed to streamline future design processes, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Technologies Used: Mobile app design platforms for a cohesive look Sketch for template creation and design consistency Tools specific to iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile for platform-specific nuances

Challenges: The primary challenge was ensuring a unified design language across different mobile platforms, each with its unique style and user expectations.

Problems Solved: By the project’s conclusion, Zalando’s mobile apps had a refreshed and unified design. The introduction of Sketch templates and libraries ensured that future design endeavors would have a solid foundation to build upon.

Experience: This collaboration was a deep dive into the intricacies of mobile app design across different platforms. It highlighted the importance of consistency in design, forward-thinking in creating scalable solutions, and the nuances of working with a major e-commerce brand.

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