Berlin, Germany
Siemens AG is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Munich, Germany. Founded in 1847, it's one of the world's largest producers of energy-efficient technologies. With operations spanning across industry, energy, healthcare, and infrastructure, Siemens has a significant presence in nearly every country.


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Intro: I joined one of the Siemens Mobility projects via CodeControl to help out with all design related topics. We took the project from concept to MVP to full-fledged admin tool with a small but well organised team. Siemens approached with an idea, a concept they wanted to explore. It began as a small project, but as we delved deeper, its potential became evident.

Project Summary: We collaborated to transform this concept into a functional tool. From the initial design phase to development, the focus was on creating a product that met Siemens’ standards and needs.

Technologies Used: From the design side there was a heavy investment in: Design UI libraries in Sketch Interactive SVG illustrations of real-life interfaces Integrated design-to-development pipeline

Challenges: The main challenges were understanding and integrating into Siemens’ extensive ecosystem, ensuring user-friendliness of the tool, and adhering to tight project timelines.

Problems Solved: The end result was a tool that not only met the functional requirements but also integrated smoothly into Siemens’ existing workflow.

Experience: This project provided insights into large-scale enterprise needs, the importance of user-centric design, and the nuances of collaborative development.

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