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Cookies App was an innovative fintech solution aimed at redefining how users interact with banking processes. With a focus on providing a playful and memorable experience, the app sought to challenge traditional banking norms.

Cookies App

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Intro: In the ever-evolving fintech landscape, Cookies App emerged as a breath of fresh air. It wasn’t just about functionality; it was about creating an experience, making banking not just efficient but also enjoyable.

Project Summary: I joined this project at a really early stage as Lead Product Designer and had the opportunity to define from the ground up most of the design related topics like concept development, branding, user experience, interface design and even marketing production; to name a few.

Challenges: Navigating the fine line between functionality and playfulness was the primary challenge. In a domain like fintech, where reliability and security are paramount, introducing a playful element without compromising on functionality was a task.

Problems Solved: By the end of the project, Cookies App stood as a testament to innovation in fintech. It wasn’t just another banking app; it was a banking experience, challenging norms and setting new standards.

Experience: Working on the Cookies App was a lesson in innovation, adaptability, and the importance of user experience in the fintech domain. It underscored the potential of reimagining traditional processes and the impact of design on user engagement.

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